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Schedule of regular meetings of the Municipal Council

IS HEREBY GIVEN by the undersigned, Stacy Lafleur of the above-mentioned municipality;

THAT in accordance with Section 148 of the Quebec Municipal Code, the Council of the Municipality of Thorne, at its meeting held November 1, 2022, adopted a resolution by which is established the calendar of regular meetings for the year 2023;

THAT the days and starting time of each regular meeting be set as follows


  • January 10 2022 19h

  • February 7 2022 19h

  • March 7 2022 19h

  • April 4 2022 19h

  • May 2 2022 19h

  • June 6 2022 19h

  • July 4 2022 19h

  • August 1 2022 19h

  • September 5 2022 19h

  • October 3 2022 19h

  • November 7 2022 19h

  • December 5 2022 19h

THAT Council cordially invites its citizens to attend the public meetings scheduled during the year.

Given in Thorne, this 8th day of November 2022

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