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St. George's Anglican Church

In 1883, the work began to build what is now St. George's Anglican Church. Local stoneworkers began the project. The wood used for the building was hand sawed by the men of the church and finished at Schock's Mill. The windows and door were made locally and stones used in the structure were collected from the area. 


In 1894, the church was officially opened. By 1911, the interior was completed. The church bell was donated by St. Thomas Bristol in 1963. 


Sunday services at St. George's continue today on a regular basis. Further information on Anglican Churches in the area can be found at


St. John's Lutheran Church


The first Lutheran Communion service was held in 1872 marking the birth of the Lutheran Church in Thorne. The Lutheran congregation first used a small log building for worship bought from the Anglican Church for $50 in 1877. The first stone church was built in 1898. The small log building, used as the original site of Lutheran worship was located beside where the stone church stands today. 


This original church was destroyed by fire and was rebuilt on the same sight using much of the same stone work. 


The altar, the pulpit and baptismal font in the church were made entirely by hand by a talented local craftsman, John Groneau. All are still in use in the church. 


Regular services and church functions continue today. St. John's shares a minister with Zion Lutheran Church and the two rotate Sunday services.

Zion Lutheran Church

Reverend M. Hamm was the pastor of the first Zion Lutheran Church which opened in July of 1916. The original church was destroyed by fire on February 9, 1936 . The church was rebuilt by the congregation and the dedication of the new church took place on September 25, 1938 . 


In 1974, a further dedication took place of a new addition which included a kitchen, parlor and bathrooms. 


The original pulpit, altar, hymn board, pews and christening font were made by Fred Krutz Sr. whose first child was baptized at the dedication service of Zion in 1916. Unfortunately all these items were destroyed by the 1936 fire, except for the christening font. The present altar was made by Adolph Zimmerling. 


Regular services and church functions continue today. Zion shares a minister with St. John's Lutheran Church and the two rotate Sunday services. 

Further information about Zion Lutheran church can be obtained by email at:

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