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History of Thorne

History of Ladysmith, Quebec

On the 1st of May, 1861, the township of Thorne became its own entity distinct from Clarendon. Still the township was too small to form its own Municipality since the requirement for that was a population of 300. Thorne then became annexed to the municipality of Leslie . By 1867 a new arrangement was made and Leslie went its own way and Thorne joined with the neighboring township of Cawood under the name of the United Townships of Thorne and Cawood.


At the County Council Quarterly Meeting on September 13, 1876, a petition was put forward by the inhabitants of the townships of Alleyn and Cawood requesting to be de-annexed from Thorne. This resolution was approved by the County Council on December 26th, 1876. Six days later on January 1st, 1877, the Municipal Corporation of the Township of Thorne was finally born with Mr. John Rennix as mayor. He was followed by Mr. James Martin in 1879. Both men had already been mayor to Thorne at one point during the time Thorne was still attached to other municipalities.


Both men, Rennix and Martin, had seen Thorne through sixteen years of re-organization from its leaving Clarendon in 1861 to full municipal status in 1877.

Almost 130 years later, the municipality of Thorne still leads a healthy existence despite its age. Families, many of German heritages, have lived here for generations. People still return to the area whether to be a permanent resident or to visit other relatives in this area. The family ties to this municipality are strong. The municipality has also welcomed new residents to the area who have chosen Thorne to settle in.


The beautiful lakes in the area have also led to a large growth in the number of cottages in the area. Many people cottage here during the summer months because of the clear lakes and the peace and quiet which the area provides, not to mention that Thorne is so close to the cities of Ottawa and Gatineau .


Like the rest of the world, the Municipality of Thorne has evolved and changed over the past one hundred years. It will be fascinating to see the direction the Municipality of Thorne will take over the next one hundred years. But just as our forefathers were, the residents of Thorne, whether they are full time or part time, are up to the challenges that lie before them.

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