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Local Attractions

Local Attractions and Events

Come see how beautiful it is

The municipality of Thorne offers many local attractions and events throughout the calendar year that attracts many visitors from near and far. Many residents of this community are also actively involved in these various events, volunteering their own time to make each activity as successful as possible. The power of local volunteers bringing their skills and knowledge to the various organizations and events in the area, have made tourism in Thorne an exciting and diverse experience.

Thorne has many beautiful lakes in its area, many of which have formed their own lake associations made up of residents whether they are year round or seasonal residents. During the summer months, Thorne's population grows immensely as people return to the area to enjoy the beauty and peace that nature provides.

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The Thorne Recreation Association is a local organization providing a base for social and recreational activities in the community. Such events include a Christmas tree lighting ceremony with caroling during the Christmas season and Community Flea Market in the summer months where people can rent a table to sell their goods to the public. The Thorne Notice Board is published monthly and informs the reader of the various activities and events that are going on in Thorne each month. The Thorne Notice Board can be picked up at Hotel Ladysmith and Bretzlaff's Store in town.

The Thorne Recreation Association also has a community center known as the T.C.R.A. that is available for booking personal social gatherings and celebrations. In some cases, catering can be provided for your event. In the summer, the T.C.R.A. is the location of Thorne Fireman's Ball, raising money for the local fire department and in the winter, home to the Community Christmas Dinner. Please call 819/647-3617 for further information on the Thorne Recreation Association or to discuss booking the T.C.R.A. for your own social gathering.

During the summer months, outdoor activities are plenty. With its many lakes, there is easy access to activities such as fishing, boating and canoeing. Fishing licenses can be obtained from Bretzlaff's Store . Or if you are feeling less adventurous, go for a leisurely walk or bike ride or sit in your lawn chair and relax while you listen to the sounds of summer. Thorne also has its share of wild life such as deer and raccoons, so be aware that you are sharing the area with them also and take proper precautions while enjoying nature. 



The month of June is when the Pontiac Artists' Studio Tour is held. Celebrating its 20 th year, the tour takes place over two weekends: June 13-14 & 20-21 ( 10am to 6pm ). With artists from across the Pontiac participating, work is showcased using different mediums from painting to pottery to woodworking. Admission is free and the public is invited to enjoy works from thirteen different artists in eleven studios. The studio tour is a self guided tour using a map provided in the tour's brochures. Be sure to follow the official tour map and look for brushstroke road signs along the route and flags marking the entrance to each studio. Artwork is on display to simply enjoy or to purchase. 

Brochures with maps are available at stores along Highway 148 between Aylmer , Quebec and Fort Coulonge , Quebec . 


You can also visit their official website at: 

For more information, you can phone 819/647-6365 or email 


Our local artist in Thorne, Valerie Bridgeman will be displaying her pottery and handmade paper this year on the Pontiac Artists' Studio Tour . You can visit Valerie's website to view her work at: .


During the Fall, Thorne holds it largest and probably most famous event- Oktoberfest. Celebrating Thorne's German heritage through music, food and traditional costume, Oktoberfest Ladysmith celebrated its 24 th anniversary last year. This popular event attracts many visitors to enjoy this three day event. Rough camping is available and the town of Ladysmith grows much larger due to the numerous RV's and trailers that set up residence in the town block for the weekend.

Festivities for the weekend includes a wide variety of live music celebrating many different genres of music, a truck pull, local artists and craftspeople displaying and selling their work, a horse pull and a parade on Sunday. 

This year Oktoberfest takes place on October 2nd to 4th. Visit the Oktoberfest website at for further information on this year's festivities or call 819/647-5306. 

Oktoberfest Ladysmith truly has something for everyone and is an event that people return back to year after year. 


During the winter months, the snow mobile trails through Thorne are filled with activity. The trails are run and kept up by the Pontiac Snowmobile Drivers Association (PSDA) and require a trail pass to ride on . These snow mobile trails link together the entire Pontiac region and one can travel through many different municipalities while on the trails. Trail passes can be bought at Hotel Ladysmith or Bretzlaff's Store in town. More information about the PSDA, snow mobile trail passes, maps of existing trails and much more can be obtained at their website at:

The snow mobile trail through Thorne runs to Hotel Ladysmith . Open year around, Hotel Ladysmith is Thorne's only local bar and restaurant and home to the Ladysmith Sportsman Club. During the week, food can be ordered off a bar menu and the full menu is available from Thursday at 11 a.m. to Sunday at 7 p.m. Take out orders are also available. Whether you stop in for a quick burger or a more leisurely dinner, Hotel Ladysmith offers a variety of food choices. Make an effort to drop in for Wing Night every Thursday from 6 to 9 a.m.

Reservations are strongly recommended for the popular evening and can be made at 819-647-6797.


The dining room can be booked for private functions such as birthdays and anniversaries and is completely non-smoking. Please call 819/647-6797 for further information. 


The municipality of Thorne takes pride in its local attractions and events. Please take the time to experience all what we have to offer. 

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