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Transfer Station Information and Hours

Transfer Station Information and Hours

Transfer Station:

1905 QC-303, Ladysmith, QC J0X 2A0

Friday - Monday:

10am - 4pm


All Statutory holidays

Stickers are available at the municipal office and Bretzlaff Store
Tickets are only valid at the thorne transfer station

In order to save your tax dollars and conserve the life of the dump, "REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE".


Pricing for Items

  • Couch - $15.00

  • Toilet - $5.00

  • Dressers - $5.00

  • Rugs & Underlay - $10.00

  • Mattress:

    • King & Queen - $15.00

    • Regular - $10.00 

  • Fridge & Freezer - Free

  • Arm Chair - $5.00

  • Wooden Chair - $2.00

  • Sink - $5.00

FREE Large
"Household" Item Drop-off

At the waste management site, for Thorne ratepayers

Saturday, May 18th and August 31st

This includes: Beds / mattresses / chairs /
couches / carpets / fridges / freezers 

(Excludes construction and demolition debris)

Recycling Information


The following shows what is acceptable for recycling:

Fibers include :

  • Boxboard

  • Corrugated cardboard

  • Brown paper bags

  • Newspaper and magazine

  • Writing and computer paper

  • Junk mail

  • Polystyrene and Styrofoam

  • Milk & Juice cartons

  • Molded pulp packaging (egg)

  • Envelopes

Non-fiber items include :

  • Aluminum foil and foil containers

  • Glass bottles and jars

  • Metal food and beverage cans

  • Plastic bottles & containers 1-7 only (marked on bottom)

  • Plastic tube and lids

  • Paint cans emptied and cleaned

  • Aerosol cans-completely emptied

  • Milk and juice cartons

  • Film plastic bags

Items not included in the recycling program :

  • Textiles

  • Carbon paper

  • Pocket novels

  • Hardcover books

  • Plastic containing any oil products

  • Polyethylene film bag

  • Plastic toys

  • Compact discs and cases

  • Any item with food residue

Boxboard : 

Boxboard includes cereal, cookie, cracker, shoe, detergent boxes, cardboard egg cartons and tubes (from paper towels and toilet paper). DO NOT include any frozen food boxes. REMOVE all liners, plastic handles, plastic coverings and straws. FLATTEN all the items and tie in with newspaper. 

Corrugated cardboard and Brown Paper Bags from pet food, Farm Products, etc. 

Corrugated cardboard is the strong sandwich like material with the waffle in the middle. It is usually used for shipping material. Flatten and empty the cardboard boxes and brown paper bags. Tie in bundles 65cm X 65cm X 20cm (24’’x24’’x8’’) or smaller or jam into small box.

Newspaper and Magazines

Place clean newspaper, flyers, magazines, and catalogues in a bag or tie with string.

Writing and Computer Paper and Junk Mail 

Includes all used writing, typing and computer paper. Place the sheets of paper in a separate bag and tie it shut. DO NOT include books.

Polystyrene and Styrofoam

Polystyrene includes Styrofoam, meat trays, egg cartons, and all plastics with the symbol. Flatten where necessary.
Break down big Styrofoam to 10’’ pieces. Place loose inside the Blue Box.

Aluminum foil and foil containers

Include all rigid foil containers, fast food trays and aluminum foil wrap. Make sure all material is clean. DO NOT include items with food scraps or grease. No foil with paper or plastic lamination, no cardboard lids, no butter/candy/cigarette wrap, no peel-off lids, no metalized chip bags.


Glass bottles and jars (Food and Beverage ONLY)

Rinse the containers and remove caps and lids. You don’t have to remove labels. DO NOT include any other type of glass such as mirrors, window glass, drinking glasses, Pyrex, light bulbs, ceramics or dishes.


Metal Food and Beverage Cans

Rinse the cans. You don’t have to remove labels or flatten the cans. Place metal lids from cans and jars in the bottom of a can and pinch the top of the can to trap the lid inside.

Plastic Bottles

All plastic bottles which have the symbol                                    on the bottom of the container are recyclable. These include bottles for beverages, ketchup, syrup, cleaners and automotive products. NOTE bottles containing oil products are not recyclable.

Plastic Tubs and Lids

All plastic tubs and lids to be cleaned. Please remove lids from the tubs and place both loose in you Blue Box. 


Empty Paint cans – Metal cans only

  • Step 1. Make sure your paint can (up to 4 litre or 1 gallon size) is empty. Is should have no liquid paint and no more than one-half centimeter (1/4 inch) of dried paint on the bottom.

  • Step 2. Place the empty can and lid loose in the Blue Box together with other containers. Leave the lid off so the truck driver can see that the can is empty. Leave the label on the can.


Aerosol Cans

  • Step 1. Make sure you have used up all the product and the aerosol can is empty. You can tell if it is empty by shaking it.

  • Step 2. Place the empty can loose in the Blue Box together with other containers. You can leave spray nozzles and paper labels on them. 

Items NOT accepted

  • Textiles (may be taken directly to depot at LFS)

  • Carbon paper

  • Pocket novels

  • Hard cover books

  • Cells or batteries: there is a collection point at the office.

  • Expired medications: these must be taken to the pharmacy to ensure that they are disposed of in a environmental and safe manner.

  • Electrical and electronic equipment: there are dedicated channels for this type of residual material. You can take them back to a distributor. You can also donate it to an association or drop if off at an ecocentre. Some mobile operators collect your old cell phone in store to recondition it or give it to an association.

  • Motor oils and other waste oils: you can dispose of them in the dedicated bins at the transfer center.

  • Regular tires: they must be brought in the bin to the transfer center, to a garage or to an ecocentre. Do not hesitate to call your mechanic in advance to make sure that he talks over the old tires.

  • Oversized tires: they must be brought to a garage or an ecocentre. Do not hesitate to call your mechanic in advance to make sure that he takes over the old tires.

  • Painting: There is a collection point at the transfer center.

  • Gas Cans: We do not accept these.

  • Metal: There is a bin at the transfer center for this type of material.

  • Brushwood: There is a bin at the transfer center (accept from May 1 to November 1). Branches must not exceed 4 inches in diameter.

25-Recycle bin.png

In order to save your tax dollars and conserve the life of the dump,




It is critical that all items are
rinsed clean of any residue.


Free Recycling at Transfer Station

 Recycling must be put in clear bags,

box or containers

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