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At a regular sitting of council held July 4, 2023 notice of motion has been given by Councillors M. BEAN and N. CHARETTE that at the regular meeting of council on August 1, 2023, By-laws # S.Q. 2023-01 concerning parking, S.Q. 2023-02 concerning safety, peace, and order in public areas, S.Q. 2023-03 concerning nuisances, S.Q. 2023-04 concerning peddling, S.Q. 2023-05 concerning outdoor use of water and S.Q. 2023-06 concerning alarm systems all enforceable by the Sureté du Québec will be adopted.

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Public Notice is hereby given by the undersigned Director General of the Municipality of Thorne that the municipal office will be closed Friday, June 23rd, 2023 Friday, June 30th, 2023

Due to poor weather conditions, the office will be closed today, April 5, 2023. For any emergency, please call 819-647-8549.

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