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PUBLIC NOTICE is, hereby given by Stacy Lafleur, director general of the municipality of Thorne and Andrea Lafleur, director general of the municipality of Otter Lake that:

The summary reflecting the roll's condition for the first year of the triennial roll, 2022, 2023 and 2024 of the municipalities of Thorne and Otter Lake has been deposited electronically on November 1, 2021;

That for the fiscal year 2022 of the real estate assessment roll 2022, 2023 and 2024, of the municipality of Thorne and Otter Lake, a revision request as provided by Section 1 of the Chapter X of an Act respecting municipal taxation based on the motive that the evaluator did not make a modification that he should have made in accordance with section 174 or 174.2, can be deposited anytime during the financial year within which occurs an event justifying a roll modification or during the next financial year, if the assessor does not make this modification;

The revision request must be filed on the form made to this effect and accompanied by the amount of money prescribed by the by-law number 226-2016 otherwise; it will be assumed that the request was not deposited. The form and the by-law number 226-2016 are available on the website of the MRC Pontiac at

The filing of the request is made when the form mentioned, duly completed, is handed or sent by registered mail to the MRC Pontiac at 602, Route 301 Nord, Campbell’s Bay, (Québec), J0X 1K0 to the care of the evaluation department;

When the request is made by the handing of the form duly completed, it is reputed to have been deposited on the day of its reception. When the request is sent by registered mail, the request is reputed to have been deposited on the day it was sent.

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