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Roads or parts of roads not maintained during the winter season

  • Schock Road pass 49 Schock Road to Johnson Road

  • Himmelman Road from Schwartz Road to 166 Himmelman Road.

  • Schwartz Road from 216 Schwartz Road to 303 Schwartz Road

  • Yach Road pass Adam Road

  • Johnson Road from Majoda Road to Garner Road.

  • Greermount Road from Craig Road to Rte 366

  • Craig Road from 204 Craig Road to Rte 301

  • Tubman Road from 180 Tubman Road to Greermount Road

  • Brouse Road from 161 Brouse Road to 25 Brouse Road

  • Leach Road pass 87 Leach Road

  • Adams Road pass Bridge Road

  • Mathieu Road pass McMackon Road

  • Murdock completely

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At a regular sitting of council held July 4, 2023 notice of motion has been given by Councillors M. BEAN and N. CHARETTE that at the regular meeting of council on August 1, 2023, By-laws # S.Q. 2023-0

Public Notice is hereby given by the undersigned Director General of the Municipality of Thorne that the municipal office will be closed Friday, June 23rd, 2023 Friday, June 30th, 2023

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