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Roads or parts of roads not maintained during the winter season

  • Schock Road pass 49 Schock Road to Johnson Road

  • Himmelman Road from Schwartz Road to 166 Himmelman Road.

  • Schwartz Road from 216 Schwartz Road to 303 Schwartz Road

  • Yach Road pass Adam Road

  • Johnson Road from Majoda Road to Garner Road.

  • Greermount Road from Craig Road to Rte 366

  • Craig Road from 204 Craig Road to Rte 301

  • Tubman Road from 180 Tubman Road to Greermount Road

  • Brouse Road from 161 Brouse Road to 25 Brouse Road

  • Leach Road pass 87 Leach Road

  • Adams Road pass Bridge Road

  • Mathieu Road pass McMackon Road

  • Murdock completely

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